Industrial Engineering

PT Indonesia Stock Exchange

IISE BINUS Student Chapter #716 held an office visit to PT. IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) on Monday, January 15­th 2018 for Industrial Engineering Students. This visit was intended to increase knowledge the students of Industrial Engineering BINUS University in business and stock exchanges and to give students an overview that PT. IDX has a great influence on industry and office sector.

IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) is a stock exchange based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was previously known as the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) before its name changed in 2007 after merging with the Surabaya Stock Exchange (SSX). As of the end of 2016, Indonesia Stock Exchange had 537 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of IDR 5,753.6 trillion. In mid of September 2016, based on Single Identification Number there were 500,037 domestic investors, of which 487,713 were retail investors and 12,324 institutional investors.

Through this office visit, students gained much of benefits such a company profile, learning how to get started to open a stock account in PT. IDX, the profits invested in stock, and know which companies that we can invested in stock. There should be a gallery tour in schedule of office visit, unfortunately because the gallery is on renovation so gallery tour was cancelled.

We were a little disappointed because we went back to BINUS University too early due to some unavoidable things. But the disappointment was gone after we heard the news about PT. IDX bridge tower 1 and 2 were collapsed a few minutes after we went back to campus. The incident caused many people injured, we are grateful for leaving PT. IDX on time.