LKMO 2022

LKMO (Latihan Keterampilan Manajemen Organisasi) is an annual activity that is held to improve our activists’ capability to manage an organization operationally, structurally, and managerially. During this year’s LKMO, there are several series of events such as roleplay presentation, talk show, and games. LKMO 2022 utilizes Zoom Cloud Meetings as the platform to stage the event, where every participant was proactive in attending the event.

This year, LKMO was held on 10th, 15th, and 16th of March 2022 where the Technical Meeting was held on 4th of March 2022. LKMO 2022 carries the theme of “Build the Strong Character for Good Leadership in Organization”. The objective of the theme is so that students can be a leader with good character in an organization. Students are hoped to be responsible with their decisions, have critical thinking in decision making, able to manage their time, and able to manage themselves and their peers. This year’s LKMO was attended by 82 participants and every participant followed the event proactively. The participants were divided into teams, where each team consists of 10 students with one mentor assigned in every team to provide direction and guidance to their team.