LKMO 2019

The Organizational Management Skills Training (LKMO) is an annual HIMTRI event that is held with the aim of developing the leadership of the new activists. In addition, LKMO also aims to help activists understand good organizational procedures, and more familiar with the Staff, Head of Division, and also Core Committees in the organization.

LKMO 2019, held on 7th and 8th April 2019 at Kijang Campus, Bina Nusantara University and Villa Rosomulyo Sentul. On the first day, the event was held on the Kijang Campus started at 08.30 AM. The event started with a welcome speech from Chairman of HIMTRI, Aulia Fattah. After that, Mr. Taufik as Head of Industrial Engineering Department shared some material and knowledge. Then, the event continued with a presentation from each group about their ideas for HIMTRI work program for a year and games which build the theme of teamwork leadership and discipline.

The second day started with an LKMM Seminar (Student Management Skills Training) for 2 sessions. Then, they continued with Treasure Hunt to keep them entertained. The second day event was closed at Villa Rosomulyo Sentul by giving the Official HIMTRI Uniform to all of the activists involved and took pictures together.