LKMO 2020

The Organizational Management Skills Training (LKMO) is an annual HIMTRI event that is held with the aim of developing leadership of the new activists. In addition, LKMO also aims to help activists understand good organizational procedures, and more familiar with the Staff, Head of Division, and also Core Committees in the organization.

LKMO 2019, held on 8th 9th and 10th March 2020 at Villa Botani Bogor. On the first day after arriving at the villa, the children prepare their belongings and make attendance. After that, there is a HIMTRI events presentation session that needs to be developed, after the session they have some games, HIMTRI introduction session, and final project performance.

The second day start with morning exercise. Then, continue with cleaning the government with ant operations methods, and play some games. In the night, have campfires and fun sharing session. The last day, the event was closed at Villa Botani Bogor with photo session and closing ceremony.