Industrial Visit to South Korea 2016

This year’s Industrial Visit headed to the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea. After a roughly 3-month-long preparation, along with around 40 students, BINUS Industrial Engineer departed to Seoul on September 11th, 2016. Upon arrival, we made our way to the mosque to do the Eid prayers for those who celebrated. Our next destination was to the Kimchi School Experience. Kimchi is a dish of fermented vegetable commonly served as a side dish in every Korean meal. Here we were taught of the history of kimchi and how it is made. Later that day, we headed to the infamous man-made island, Nami. This island is famous for being the set of one of the most renown Korean drama. A few hours of strolling and sight-seeing ended the day.

To have a comparative view of college life in Korea, we had a campus visit to 2 of the top universities in Seoul, Seoul National University and Kyonggi University. Next we headed to the Samsung Innovation Center. Samsung being one of South Korea’s technological pride, has numerous innovations that are on display in this center. The day ended with aa visit to Dongdaemun, one of koreas main shopping destinations. The next day, we headed to the iconic Seoul Namsam Tower. Located in this place is the love locks placed by thousands of lovers hoping for the bright future in their love life. Later that day, we were brought to one of the mandatory destinations when visiting South Korea, the Ginseng Center. Here we were told of the history, the use and the many differences of ginseng. Other things we did that day was enjoying a short trip to Everland Recreation Center as well as shopping in the streets of Myeongdong.

As our trip came to a close, we made a last cultural trip to Gyeongbok Palace. This used to house the royal family but is now open for public to the end of the royal bloodline. Here we can witness how South Korea looked like a long time ago, before the modernization happened. Later on, we headed to the airport getting ready for our trip back to Jakarta.

This trip gave great impression to its participants. Seeing how modern and ahead-of-its-time South Korea is, broadened their horizons, and expanded their dreams to achieve something great and compete with the global citizen.