LKMO 2016

LKMO is one of the events organized by HIMTRI on 7-8 March 2016 and is located in Mandalawangi Cibodas, Puncak. LKMO stands for Organization Management Skills Training, the event was to train the participants to have the soul of a leader and knows how to be a good leader.

The event was held 2 days 1 night this diverse games that require good organizational skills such as communication and cooperation. In this event, the event organizers committee of LKMO also shared about organizational life that contributed to the objectives of this event. The event was opened with remarks from the Chairman and the President of HIMTRI LKMO event that Adam Hafiz Hanafi and Revano Damoza.

On the first day, the participants were divided in groups selected by random. The fun begins when each groups should prepare a typical movement that symbolizes their groups are. The participants were competing to provide the movement as unique as possible, because at the end of the event, the group that has the most unique movement will get a some prize. The event continued with playing some games. In this activity, the committee has provided several posts in which each post has a different meaning. Each group was given the order to enter the checkpoints. After the games finish, the whole participants are welcome to take a break and get ready to do the next activity.

In the next activity, the committee shared a variety of things, ranging from college life to organization life. All the participants were very enthusiastic for asking questions that make this activity more conducive. Excitement on the first day increases when the shock of the committee with the holding activities of the campfire at night when weather conditions are extremely cold.

On the second day, the committee will announce the winners of the various categories, such as best group and best participant. Also each participant will be given PDL or Field Office Clothing as evidence that the participants have followed the activities of TKH (Temu Keakraban Himpunan) which has been implemented before and LKMO.