PT. Gaya Motor

Bina Nusantara University industrial engineering has been doing regular event held every year. Industrial Visit was conducted on March 15, 2017 which coincides on Wednesday organized by the IISE.  We as the industrial engineering Bina Nusantara University student make a visit to PT Gaya Motor which is located in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

PT Gaya Motor manages the process of creating a car that is focused on the manufacturing process of the BMW. BMW is a car-industry companies that originated in Germany. BMW Headquarter gives credence to PT Gaya Motor to assemble BMW cars. We saw some Assembly of the car BMW 3 series, BMW 5 Series, the BMW x 1, and also BMW Series 7 which is the newest product from BMW. Although a few products that are assembled in the company, but it was an incredible trust given by Germany on Indonesia.

This event was participated by more than 50 industrial engineering students. We depart from the Bina Nusantara University Anggrek Campus using bus prepared by the organizers of this event at 13.00. Once we arrived there, we were greeted by PT Gaya Motor representative. We got explanation about PT Gaya Motor and visit the assembly department to see the process of assembling the cars. And lastly the event closed with the giving of a souvenir from Bina Nusantara University.

The event is very beneficial for our students of industrial engineering. Hopefully we can take this experience to our progress.