Sharing Session

IISE Podcast “Supply Chain Management and Career Tips”

Supply Chain Management and Career Tips podcast was held by IISE BINUS Student Chapter #716 which was posted on IISE’s official Instagram, @iisebinus, on 26th May 2020. The speaker of this podcast was Fabian Eliusyana, who is an intern in Unilever Indonesia as Supply Chain Procurement and previously worked as Quality Logistic intern in Danone Indonesia. He was willing to share his xperiences and journey free of charge. This podcast was posted on Instagram as an IGTV so it will be easier for students to listen.

The objectives to be achieved from making this podcast were providing knowledge and overview of working in a company, especially industrial related business, to students who especially were majoring in Industrial Engineering. The podcast was made to educate and expand students’ knowledge as part of preparing their future and career, includes the culture, work ethic, and tips about building a career, especially in Danone and Unilever as for Fabian.

There were 3 topics discussed by Fabian, which were University and Career Sharing, Supply Chain Management, and Tips on Surviving ULIP (Unilever Leadership Internship Programme). These topics were raised due to the consideration of the large number of students who have no idea about the life after university. Supply Chain Management was chosen as the topic as it is one of the most popular stream in Industrial Engineering major.


Podcast “Strategy Management During Quarantine”

The ‘Strategy Management During Quarantine’ podcast was an online podcast held by the Institute of Industrial Systems Engineers (IISE) BINUS University Student Chapter #716 for IISE IGTV viewers to fill their free time during COVID-19 quarantine. Adaptation is needed in these new normal era due to COVID-19 which effected all people including college students and workers. There are a lot of difficulties adapting to new normal policy in college life and career life with online-based working method. This podcast aims to motivate and provides some tips for efficient college and career life management. Ms. Mulia Mutia, Alumni of BINUS University Engineering and the 6th IISE BINUS President was the speaker of this podcast.

The ‘Strategy Management During Quarantine’ podcast provided insights for people, especially college students, to help them manage their college and career life with strategic mindset by the right management. The podcast contained the information about how to do self management in college and career life efficiently based on the speaker’s references. The speaker invited was BINUS Industrial Engineering and IISE alumni which has agreed to share her experiences with educational purposes that was suitable for the podcast theme which was “Strategy Management During Quarantine”.

The podcast had been posted in IISE’s IGTV on June 14, 2020. The duration of the podcast was 30 minutes-long, divided into 3 parts, and ended with conclusions. Targeting college students as audiences gave a result such as the podcast successfully reached 200 viewers on IISE Instagram TV. Hopefully, it could help fresh graduates or college students prepare their working or learning activities by implementing strategic mindset during quarantine.


Podcast “Business Analytics”

Business Analytics podcast was held by IISE BINUS Student Chapter #716, which was posted on IISE’s official Instagram, @iisebinus, on July 28, 2020. The speaker of this podcast is Leonardo, who was a business analyst intern at Procter & Gamble (P&G). He was willing to share his knowledge, experience, and insight about business analytics, free of charge. This podcast was posted on Instagram as an IGTV, so it would be easier for students and the public to listen.

The objectives of this podcast were to inform people about the importance of analytics skills for their business, to explain the process of business analytics, and to describe the relation between industrial engineering major and business analytics skills. The podcast aimed to bring advantages for the listeners, especially youths and entrepreneurs, to gain more profits and avoid bad decision-making.

There were 7 sub-topics discussed by Leonardo. They were the definition of business analytics, tasks & responsibilities of a business analyst, data/information processing method, and many others. This topic was brought up due to low competitiveness of the local businesses against foreign businesses. Indonesian, especially the youth, have a good entrepreneurial spirit, but lack of business management skills. Business analytics was chosen as the topic as it is one of the best solutions to the problem. The podcast got 217 viewers on @iisebinus IGTV. We hope that all of those viewers got the insights we were trying to provide.


TalkShow: Industrial Engineering Career Path

The event was the first attempted online talk show held by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) BINUS University Student Chapter #716 following by the COVID-19 pandemic policies that prohibit arranging any event with numerous people. In the meantime, students tend to be not productive especially when working from home system was ran. Students confront more struggles along the way.

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) BINUS University Student Chapter #716 as part of industrial engineering, BINUS University aims to offer insights and solutions for BINUS Industrial Engineering students. Industrial engineering is often considered to open up plenty of job opportunities for its fresh graduates. There are 3 industrial engineering major streams, especially in BINUS University; Manufacturing System Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and Service System Engineering. All three involves different set of knowledge and therefore, becomes a very important choice for the students. The talk show was conducted exclusively for industrial engineering students in order to solve students’ bewilderment of choosing the right stream and its correlated career path.

The talk show “Industrial Engineering Career Path” had been held on February 27th, 2021, from 3.00 to 4.30 PM (WIB). There were 3 guests invited as the speaker, chosen from their respective specializations which are Manufacturing Systems with Anjas Bagaskara, Supply Chain Management with Leonardo, and Service Systems Engineering with Mirellie Setiawan. The guests were asked about their experiences of choosing their previous streams, job hunting, goals, and other related questions by the MC.

The sharing sessions provided a lot of insightful information for the participants. Prior to the active sharing session, the each guests gave a simple explanation of the curriculum in each of the streams taken. Taking the manufacturing system engineering stream does not mean that the student will become a machine technician. Instead, students learn about the manufacturing process, the material and production cost analysis, etc. Meanwhile, in the supply chain management system, students learn about the end-to-end process, product warehousing, distribution process, and so on. Service system engineering provides students with the knowledge of people-oriented system and service. The stream includes product development, product marketing, market research, research analysis, and so on. All courses are designed to develop students to fit into managerial positions in each field. Therefore, choosing one of the streams must involve a lot of systematical thinking and reasoning. Different people may have their own unique ways of deciding.

The completion of the sharing session led to the question and answer session. Each guests answered all questions given by the participants with their own perspectives in order to gain multiple points of view. Participants were actively participating in the session. The guests shared their piece of advice for the participants to decide on the streams carefully, never give up on job hunting, and continue on maintaining and building relations to end the event. Even though some trouble happened due to our guests’ internet connection, the event went exactly as planned. The talk show ended with a photo session and a closing from the master of ceremony.