Industrial Engineering


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The career preparation workshop was held on January 21st, 2015 at BINUS University’s room 805 with Taufiq Hidayat as the Project Manager and Marsha A. Fianza, Maura Savira, Palupi Diah, Nabila Avertia and Rizky Fauzan as committee members. The event went good and perfect and the committees give their best service for the participants and also the speaker from BINUS career.

The career preparation workshop is being taught by Miss Ira Setyawati from BINUS career. Miss Ira Setyawati taught us all a lot of thing about how to make your own CV, how to be perfect on and acing an interview and the tips and trick of how to look good for an interview. After the events being held, all the participants will be given a certificate provided by BINUS career and all committees gather together to do an evaluation with the president of IIE and the Manager of Program division.

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In summary, participants and the committees show much enthusiasm to participate in this event. All committee show a great deal of effort for this event so it could move smoothly and the committee did a great job in finishing this event.

Here are some pictures of the activity

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