Industrial Engineering


Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers is an international association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial and systems engineering. There’s university chapters across worldwide, and proudly to say IISE BINUS University Student Chapter is the first university chapter in South East Asia region. Our cultures are smart-working and improving continuously, meaning that every member of our chapter is brainstormed to work as smart as possible and aiming the better solutions “Better than the Best”. Members could broaden their knowledge and develop an industrial engineer way of thinking through activities held by our chapter, preparing them to face the real engineering world and brings them higher skill of adaptation in every situation.

We are proudly to say that our chapter has a faculty advisor and she is the awardee of Outstanding Regional Faculty Advisor Award in South East Asia region. IISE BINUS University has 5 board members and 4 divisions which are Program, Media Development, Internal Relation, and Corporate Relation, work directly under Faculty Advisor. I personally would say that IISE BINUS University is a good place to start exploring our limit and go beyond it. As an international exposed organization, there’s no limit of creativity and working style, we could learn new cultures across worldwide and up to the latest trend in the world. As I mentioned before, Be Better than the Best!

Felix Malvian
(The 9th Student President IISE BINUS University)