Industrial Engineering


IISE is an international organization founded to improve soft skills and hard skills to achieve the goal which is to help members to perceive international experiences. Members could build connections with overseas mates, they can also exchange ideas and knowledges about Industrial Engineering, especially to develop IISE in each chapter. Not only about technical knowledge, members could also learn how to work in group, build a relationship among themselves, and manage their time and be responsible of their job.

I am proud that BINUS University is the first university in Indonesia even in South East Asia to have this international organization. Tremendously, IISE BINUS University Student Chapter has received Gold Award for 6 times and receive Outstanding Regional Faculty Advisor Award in South East Asia Region.

IISE BINUS University has 5 board members and 4 divisions which are Program, Media Development, Internal Relation, and Corporate Relation. Those board members and divisions work directly under Faculty Advisor. All things done by IISE BINUS University such as International Video Conference, Industrial Visit, Campus Visit, Study Tour, and many more were never imagined before. These all inspire us that having international experiences is no longer a difficult thing and knowledge of internalization is finally realized and understood.

(The 8th Student President IISE BINUS University)