Welcoming Party 2020

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) BINUS University Student Chapter #716 held a Welcoming Party on September 12th, 2020 via Google Meet. The event was participated by 47 persons. The event provided the opportunity to build members’ networking and aims to create a friendly vibe within the organization. Welcoming Party 2020 was started by opening speech and greeting from MC, Defina Puspita Sari and Michelle Virginia Widjaja. Afterward, MC invited President of IISE BINUS University Student Chapter #716, Felix Malvian to give the opening speech.

The first activity was presentation from every division. The presentation was started by Internal Relation division by Julius Joecelyn, Corporate Relation division by Arya Satya Nanda, Program division by Sharon Irene Sutikno, and Media Development by Nadif Abimodia Sumiardi. The members showed enthusiasm in this session. Everyone prepared to apply themselves as an IISE BINUS University Student Chapter #716 officer. After divisional presentation, MC invited members to play puzzle games. The members are divided into groups and they needed to solve some puzzles together. They were only given 15 minutes to complete the puzzles. The last game in Welcoming Party 2020 was Gartic.io where every member competed to win the special prize. The rule was simple. Participants should guess the drawing that was drawn by other participants correctly until they reach 100 points. The purpose of all these games was to bond members.

The last activity was sharing session from Senior President of IISE BINUS University Student Chapter #716. We invited Selvi to share her work experience and organizational experience that she had been through in IISE BINUS University Student Chapter #716. There was Question and Answer (Q&A) session at the end of the event. The session was planned for new members with the purpose of providing the time when they could ask anything about IISE and college life. The event was ended with a photo session via Google Meet.