Industrial Engineering


Microsoft Office Word Training 2020

The Microsoft Word training is the first training held by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) BINUS University Student Chapter #716 during the COVID-19 pandemic which is done online based. Work from home tends to reduce productivity and prevent an organization from carrying out events. All activities outside the house are prohibited. This policy was adopted because of morality to protect everyone from the dangers of infectious viruses. IISE BINUS University Student Chapter # 716 is highly motivated to stabilize its organizational productivity even while facing a pandemic. Discord is a medium that is considered by IISE BINUS University Student Chapter # 716 to run the event. The medium was chosen based on the connection stability. Discord is considered to have a higher level of connection stability than other applications such as LINE or ZOOM. 

The event was held on 16 May 2020, at 19:00 WIB via Discord Live for about two hours. Felix Malvian, the president of IISE BINUS University Student Chapter # 716, as the speaker, feels that the staff of IISE BINUS University Student Chapter # 716 are reserve a right to gain more knowledge since the staffs have been willing to contribute in developing the organization. Microsoft Word training is held to make it easier for staffs to work on lecture reports, or to be used for other purposes. The training contains information about the use of heading, caption, ruler, citation, tables, and other information related to Microsoft Word.

The problem that happened during the training was the connections, which was suddenly worsen. The connection deteriorated at the end of the training session so the problem did not interfere with the learning session. The speaker advised the participants to download the RStudio application which will become the next learning material for the next training. Speaker and participants were both actively contributing to the event. Participants were confident to ask questions about things that are not understood and things they want to know about Microsoft Word and the speaker (Felix Malvian) was also very responsive in providing answers.


Curriculum Vitae Training 

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) BINUS University Student Chapter #716 as part of industrial engineering, BINUS University, aims to provide insight and further knowledge by conducting event such as Internal Training. IISE BINUS University Student Chapter #716 is inspired to maintain productivity despite in pandemic situation. The Curriculum Vitae Training is one of many ways to be productive as well as to comprehend common skills. The training was done virtually due to the pandemic situation. The medium used was Google Meet since it has a better connection stability than any other medium.

Curriculum Vitae is a list of written documents of individual’s qualification for an employment. The purpose of having a Curriculum Vitae is to ensure that an individual is indeed has the relevant work experience for a job offer. Curriculum Vitae includes individual’s personal details, academic history, experiences, and skills depending on the job offer an individual is applying to.

The event was held on November 21st, 2020 at 15:30 WIB via Google Meet for about an hour. Wuezellyn Junifer Violentin, the secretary of IISE BINUS University Student Chapter #716 was the speaker of the training. The training was held with an objective to provide overviews regarding professional Curriculum Vitae, encourage audiences designing a preferable Curriculum Vitae, and maximize the positive effect of impressions in obtaining job offers.

The training went well without any connection problems. The speaker explained how to create a better version of a Curriculum Vitae very well. Participants were quite active to ask questions related to Curriculum Vitae making and the speaker answered to all questions responsively.