Video Conference

Video Conference with Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) Western Michigan University Chapter

IIE Binus University chapter once again successfully held the international standard event on January 22, 2015. Video conference refers to the chapter meeting that conducts with other chapter via video call. This event was managed by IE 2013 and 2014 students, and led by Hendarta Gustianto together with his team, William Gunawan, Kamerik, Mulia Mutiara, and Kesyad Jonanda. The chapter president, Darian first communicated the jointly event plan with IIE Western Michigan University chapter president, Arafat Bin Mahabub. After several communication and discussion between both presidents, the event schedule was agreed to be held on Thursday morning, 07.00 – 08.30 AM. The committee has done a great job which made a superb preparation for the video call, such as the room, video call carriers (Skype), sound tools, and other video call tools.

The video call became a place for both chapter to know about each other activities in addition to make a future partnership. Our chapter learned some points from the IIE Western Michigan University experiences such as the tips about how to get sponsorship, president election system, and other great program plans like regional conference. Finally, the event was run successfully by the chapter and will be a starting point for IIE Binus University chapter to grow and become better.

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Video Conference (2012)

The purpose of video conference is to sharing knowledge with other university, especially university which is located outside Indonesia. Video conference 2012 held with Dr. Jorge Alerto Galvez and Prof. Felix Hilda from ICTM, Mexico. They inform us how to be a good member and always get best award. Video conference 2012 attended by Faculty Advisor, Professional Member, President, Vice President, member of IIE BINUS Chapter and also Industrial Engineering students.